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Switching to LEDs is a quick and easy way for municipalities to begin receiving energy savings.  Municipalities spend an exorbitant amount of their budgets on street lighting. Energy expenditures often exceed 50% of a municipality’s budget.  There is also a very large operational expense related to maintaining legacy lighting systems. 

The operational expenditures to replace street light bulbs and ballasts add up quickly.  Changing the bulb in one HID streetlight can cost a municipality upwards of $150-$300 per light.  This equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in operational expenses.  Municipalities are able to reduce their operating costs in maintaining their street light system due to the longevity of LEDs.

Municipalities are quick to realize the long-term savings from swithcing to LEDs. However, often times municipalities do not have money budgeted to make the conversion.

GreenStar LED and its affiliated financing partners are able to provide turn-key financing solutions that allow for no upfront money requirements from a municipality.  GreenStar’s Energy Saving Contracts allow a municipality to pay for their new LED streetlights with the Energy Savings they achieve.  Municipalities receive the immediate benefits of energy and operational savings with no upfront out of pocket expenses. 

GreenStar financing solutions offer competitive rates and flexible programs. GreenStar will work with you to determine the scope of the project and put a comprehensive plan together that provides overall energy and operational savings.  

The longer a municipality waits to make the conversion to LEDs, the more money they are essentially throwing away. 

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